Death Chronicles: Episode II

This is the second installation in the Death series, and I think this is the post that would determine how far we go with this. Today, I wrote a bit different from what I normally will, maybe the fantasies got a  little too dark this time. Anyway, if you’re less than 18, or you are squemish, or you abhore sex in writing. do not proceed.

That said…

*inserts track: Outside – the Weeknd*

She walked out onto the moon-lit terrace. The night was quiet and the reflections of the moonlight upon the ripples of the swimming pool washed over her, giving her body a certain ethereal quality. The girl dropped her towel to the floor and looked around. She couldn’t see anyone, but the shadows around the pool were extensive and she had the feeling she was being watched.

Suddenly, a cool breeze blew, the ciold air tousling her long hair and carressing her skin. Her bare nipples hardened slightly as goose-pimples crept across her skin. Shivering a little, she stepped to the edge of the pool and raised her hands to stretch. The movement accentuated her perfect C-cup breasts and an hourglass figure made for the gods. She was naked. Pausing for a second, she execiuted a perfect dive and knifed into the water.

He watched her swim, secure in the shadows cast by the hedge. He smiled to himself/, she had sensed his presence, but she could not be sure. My God, she was beautiful! Her dark skin was flawless, from the perfect breasts amd raised nipples to her long smooth legs. Her face was oval with big brown eyes and full lips that would melt lusciously in a warm kiss. She was perfect. Too perfect. He got up from the deck chair he had been sitting in, and walked to the pool.

Her perfect form cut through the pool, her hands slicing up the water as she swam free-style. Behind her, she heard a splash as some one entered the pool. Aha! He had been up to one of his weird tricks again, thinking to surprise her. She smiled to herself, nothing could shock her again, especially not after the voices she had been hearing of late. Coming to a stop, she turned and faced her naked lover as he waded closer to her.

“My love…” he murmured.

“I missed u so,” she meant to say, but he had grabbed her hair and pulling her to him, kissed her almost savagely. Equally fiercely, she kissed him back, holding his head tight agaist her, her fingers digging into his scalp.

Pushing her against the side of the pool, he kissed her even deeper. Arching her neck backward, he kissed her neck and bit her shoulder as one hand came up to cup her breasts and squeeze her nipple. The girl moaned slightly and held him tight against, her hands pushing down his back to squeeze his firm buttocks. The water lapped about their glistening bodies, giving no evidence of their passion asides a splash now and then.

Running his hands along her body, he slid one hand below her belly and cupping her, he slipped two fingers into her wetness. The girl moaned again. He stroked her then, his fingers pushing against the core that was her pleasure; light and deep, soft and hard, until she was trembling in his arms. Lifting her leg, for there was no time now; his need was throibbing and aching, he buried his face in her breasts and thrust himself deep into her. she let out a cry that caould have been a sigh of pleasure, and hooking her other leg around him, she clawed his back and forced him deeper.

“Yes…” she moaned.

A cloud passed over the moon and the terrace was thrown into darkness. In a corner of the hedge were the man had been sitting, a pair of eyes flashed and a cold chill rippled through the water.

But the couple was oblivious of the cold. The man closed his eyes and threw his head back. Thrusting harder, he could feel his need welling up. Already she was beginning to spasm and buck, her body vibrating even more than usual. Back and forth he moved, pounding her, his pelvis grinding against hers in an impossible cycle.

Suddenly she convulsed violently, the walls of her vagina gripping him tight. Groaning with pleasure, he thrust as deep as he could into her, and exploded, spewing himself into her belly. And her hands and leg slipped from his back as she went limp in his arms. The clouds had darkened and lightening flashed across the sky. Breathing heavily, as his body jerked in spasms, he drew her c lose to him and kissed her still lips.

“Oh baby..” he groaned. There was no reply, her arms just flailed uselessly in the water.

Then he opened his eyes, and looked into her face. it was frozen. Her eyes had rolled back into her head exposing only the whites, and her lips stayed slightly apart as though she wanted to say something, buit the words would not come out. Starring in disbelief, he pushed her hair back and called her name. She just stayed there, limp in his arms; no breath, no pulse, and her body was beginning to get cold and clammy.

Suddenly, thunder rumbles and the skies let loose with a torrent of rain. The rain splashed into the pool, bathing the man and his dead lover. And over the howl of the wind and the sound of splashing water, a low laugh danced upon the air.

Then he remebered; he was still inside her.


  • I do not engage nor appreciate necrophilia (and yes, that is a huge word…)
  • I have not had pool sex…yet (apply within)
  • These posts are not for you sick-minded freaks to start killing people oh!

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