Jack and Jill

Hello and Goodevening Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to another service with your host Pastor Jay. As usual, I would advise those of us watching at home, either through your TV or from your radio sets, to please put on your slippers wherever you are, for unlike me, you are probably standing on unholy ground.
Today, we’ll be looking at a very popular verse. You all know it, every little kid knows it. Children, read with me:
Jack and Jill, went up the hill
To fetch a pail of water.
Jack fell down and broke his knee,
And Jill came tumbling after.
Today, we are going to focus on three cardinal points in a topic I have titled; ‘Know your Purpose’. Repeat after me, ‘Know your Purpose’.
According to the dictionary in my i-Pad right now, Purpose means, “Reason for existence! Reason for which something is being done or the desires effect or intended outcome of something or a desire/resolve necessary to accomplish a goal.”
Now, in the passage we just read. The verse says something. Brother Sir Joe, read it again for us.
Jack and Jill went up the hill…
To fetch a pail of water…
TO FETCH A PAIL OF WATER! Hold it there! Sit down brother.
You see, Jack and Jill did not sit down at home. They were not truants! They were not lazing about tweeting and chatting. They did not say, “I want water and it would come to me.” No! They WENT UP THE HILL!!
Turn to your neighbour and say, Neighbour! They went up the hill! Turn to your other side and say, Neighbour, they went!
Jack and Jill, this passage does not make mention, but in the Amplified version, you will see that Jack and his sister Jill, both children of Janet and Johnson, climbed that hill together..
Jack could have decided to go alone, but did he? Children, did he?
He went with Jill. Put this down: “When climbing a hill, go with you Jill.” I’ll take that again, “When climbing a hill, go with your Jill.”
There are many hills in Life. Hills of trouble, hills of house rent, hills of Twitter followers, hills of blogging, so many. But in this passage, the hill Jack and Jill climbed was a hill of water. Turn to your neighbour and say, a hill of water.
Water in the Italian translation stands for acqualina which is the water that satisfies hunger and thirst! Turn to your neighbour again. Neighbour, I will climb the hill to satisfy my thirst.
So, Jack and Jill, climbed that hill to fetch a pail of water.
There was purpose in what Jack and Jill did. Purpose. Jack could have decided that he only wanted a cup of water. Or a spoon. But he told himself, he purposed in his heart. The American version would say, he DECIDED. Jack decided that he wanted a pail!
A pail of water!
You have to know what it is you want. If you want a bucket, or a pail or a jerrycan, you must say it! What do you want?
Deaconess Chidinma, please finish the passage.
Jack fell down and broke his knee..
Yes..go on..
And Jill came tumbling after…
Everybody whaaaat? And Jill came tumbling after!
Now Jack was the first person to fall down, yes or no? But did Jill stand there? No! She tumbled after.
Everybody say: My Jill, repeat after me. MY JILL, WHEREVER YOU ARE, COME TUMBLING AFTER!
Now, there are two things noticeable about this passage:
1. Jack broke his knee.
Did the passage say he broke his ankle? No! He broke his knee. There is a purpose to everything! A purpose!
2. The pail of water was intact.
Jack fell, Jill tumbled, but did the passage say anything about the pail? No!
Turn to your Neighbour, Neighbour! No matter the Hill, no matter the falling, MY PAIL OF WATER will remain intact.
Children, know your purpose.
Let us rise..

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Go in Peace.
Till I reach you again, same time, same station.

I do not mean any slander against any religious organization, televangelist and whatnot.

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PS: About Tangles! would come up tomorrow. Due to unforeseen difficulties we couldn’t have it tonight. Ok.