Hello, hi everyone. Merry Christmas..I guess. Jeez, my handwriting looks like something from an Egyptian graffiti wall (y’all know I write this in my Orange book before I type and post yeah? Okay

Not the Orange book...
Not the Orange book…

It’s been a while I wrote anything new, what with Tangles! done and finished, I’ve been in some sort of hibernation, reading stuff, writing zilch(my new word courtesy Ifeoma). So I had an Intervention and according to Obee,I should “…write a rant na! Or something about Pastor Jay so that people will laugh..”

Mscheeew..because it’s easy like that. (¬_¬)

Anyway, today, I am not going to write anything funny, not one thing. The idea is just to basically talk and you with almost nothing else to do, will listen/read.

But first a recap of recent achievements

So I finally watched The Avengers!


Yes..yes..y’all can congratulate me now. Thank you, thank you. It wasn’t easy you know. After searching the entire Benin city and PHC for ages in search of a good DVD, I finally swallowed my pride and downloaded the thing.

I watched it.Till the very end..

Captain Boromir of Gordor(Deceased)
Captain Boromir of Gordor(Deceased)

I hated it.Till the very end..

Maybe because of the hype and the fact I saw the movie seven months late, or perhaps because I knew every word, every move, every THING, before it even happened! That’s what you get when you have movie aficionados as friends. For Pete’s sake, even the “Puny god” thing didn’t thrill me..*sigh*..I watched The Avengers with as much interest as I would watch the FOOD channel on “How to boil an egg” day.

And I wouldn’t even watch the FOOD channel.

The “Billionaire, philanthropist..” Line was cool though.


But I was shocked though! After all said, I wasn’t told that my favourite Canadian was in this movie!

The Canadian
The Canadian

But this isn’t about The Avengers.

This is about me being grateful for 2012. The year started on a very exciting note, and all through the days and months the lines fell for me in pleasant places. I started this blog this year, and thanks to you guys, it’s been a blast!

I remember my first blog post.

Not me...
Not me…

It was on two pages of foolscap sheets and it was titled ‘Generosity’. My blog then was two walls on the SS3 block of the FGC Ijanikin, and the name of the blog was Bible Study Fellowship. I had a partner, his name was Elias, and we would scribble stories, in our best writings, with Christian undertones/messages and sneak out at night to paste them on walls. He a weird chap but a good writer.

In those days I had good dreams (literally..) and there was fire in my bones and I was a good christian lad and all that. I don’t know what happened really..oh wait, I do! American Pie.

American Pie changed my life!

American Pie
American Pie

No, I have not been to America, not even out the country..except you count 20 yards beyond the Seme Border during an excursion trip in JS1.

aw yeah
aw yeah..

Anyway, American Pie, the movie changed my life. My life prior to American Pie was like that Jason Briggs character (Jim Levenstein) minus the severe mastubatory urges and apple pie defilement. (Really if you haven’t, you should see the movies).


So, while on the topic (which?) I have decided I’m going into podcasts. Hehe..said that like it’s a business. Nna, I have decided to branch out into podcasts! The containers of podcast would be arriving tomoro!( ‘-‘)


Ignore that last bit..

I have been told by quite a number of girlfriends and uhm..others, that my voice is le selling point of moi. So, like I said the other day, instead of writing/typing till my fingers hurt, why don’t I just switch on a microphone and just talk?

( ˘̶̀ ̯˘̶́)

Well..remain expectant.

And yes, while on that topic (the podcast topic of course), I have decided y’know, as the year draws to a close and everyone branches out into more fulfilling things, All in this Life’s journey (my blog), would also branch out. In plain terms, I need a co-writer. Interested parties, do apply to my email add: with details and a sample of what you can do.

Apply today,get one bowl of Ogbolo free.
Apply today,get one bowl of Ogbolo free.

So back to my appreciations.

2012 was a wonderful year for me. So many accomplishments: Convocation, NYSC service, Teaching Biology, sleeping in jail, keeping an afro, opening a Twitter account etc.

There were ups and downs, with le breakups and losing Josephine, Adaora and Elizabeth!, but I discovered so much about my self, so many new abilities, so many new talents. I also made some money which I hid in my secret Ijebu bank account with codes unknown to even me.

( ‘-‘)

Oh yes, about the jail experience. Life appears very simple to you the first day you sleep in a cell. (Tell me you saw what I did there..yes? No? C’mon! Cell, Life, Simple??)


I think I’ll call 2012 a wonderful year.

Met so many new friends who impacted me in so many ways (good and bad), and reformed stronger bonds with a couple of old ones.

The path wasn’t always rosy though, and there were occasions I had to sit with my head in my hands and really question my options, but in it all, GOD kept me. 2012 would rank as the year I worked least for GOD, with all my insecurities and Noetic beliefs, but I am appreciative still!

At the beginning of the year during the Subsidy crisis and the resultant protests, I remember criticising Bakare and his horde of protesters, including that media critic called Omojuwa, charging them to wait and see for themselves if Jonathan would not prove a messiah. I am slightly embarrassed now…

Why I did just include the above paragraph.


While in church today, I counted my blessings and well, literally wept, GOD was truly faithful to me this year. The protection, his Grace, the denial of my US visa by some angry white lady in Abuja, my excellent GRE result with scholarship potential, the promise of a new car which seems to be entering into next year and the wonderful new friends I’ve made in both PHC and Benin, both gay and straight.

I remember last 31st Dec, when I spent the last few hours driving up and down the streets in Benin city looking for a church to ‘Cross-over’ in. Finally ended up in a Bini Anglican church though, but okpe na-khin. I learnt a lot, lit some candles, added to my Bini vocabulary, and prayed that GOD bless my 2012. He did that, the World didn’t end, I’m grateful, I am blessed.

It’s the end of the year again, and from us here(myself and pending co-writer), Merry Christmas, and have a Wonderful new year!


*I still don’t know how to boil an egg.

*I have a lot more blessings which where not named in the above post. But I trust you understand.

*All typographical errors, grammatical errors, picture errors, all kinds of errors, are to be blamed on @Obee_007. Follow her on Twitter and complain on her head there..

*Josephine, Adaora and Elizabeth! were my phones..and I loved them all! Luscious silver curves, soft qwerty pads, and the most sensuous touchscreen action ever! And the OS..\\(˘⌣˘)//just heavenly.
Miss you guys!

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  1. And yet you are alwayz humouring ur fans and hopefully soon to be audience If you ever decide to go on camera. *fingers crossed* on that. You rock! Alwayz.


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