Apologies & Thank yous


Citizens of Nigeria, it is with deep sadness and a considerable amount of ire (my new favourite word, whatever that is), that I come before you at this hour.
The show, which you have..excuse me. *sips water*. The show which you have come to know as A Twist in the Tale, or simply, The Twist, has come to an end. Wait! Wait! Don’t start hissing yet. Let me explain.

You see, the current situation in Nigeria, including the face-off between a recalcitrant governor and an over-bearing President, and the surrounding nations has put the polity in such a situation that stories such as are promulgated by this cybernetic space from which I blog, would only serve to further incite emotions and create conflagrations that threaten the precarious balance upon which this nation lies and in effect topple the country into a soup of insousciance, malfeasance and terrifying debacles.
*deep breath*


All above is nonsense.

Basically, conditions beyond my total control have led me to end this series a lot earlier than I planned. And for that, I apologise greatly.
*insert pic saying “I am sorry” even if i dont mean it*

Ignore that…

I really am sorry..
I really am sorry..

I want to appreciate especially, all of you who read A Twist in the Tale, and also the wonderful, wonderful writers who put together those lovely stories. Thank you. Thank you very much.

But first, before we go, one last Tale..

Once upon a time, there were two little boys. They were both named for Bible characters, and they loved to sit on trees. Apparently, one was named Peter and one was named Paul. And yes they were black. And no they weren’t boys, they were birds. And yup! There was no twist to this. But hey, it’s the end of the sh.. 


Oh damn!

Okay, we're back..
Okay, we’re back..

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Author: Christopher Aneni

Histrionic| Creator| god.

18 thoughts on “Apologies & Thank yous”

  1. Not sure I know how to comment to this sh*t though… And a twist in the tale is gonna end on this note or what was it you called it? Should I say am disappointed? I don’t know, maybe I expected a more dramatic end. I guess its over. But all in all a twist in tale and all the writers who contibuted in it where brilliant. * a standing ovation to you all*


  2. y’al didnt get it…..

    dat was d twist… d twist in d tale.. d tale 4rm 8 writers… y’al was hooked…
    y’al was expectin some more write ups.. and got twisted by chris’s crazy mynd….


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