Faith takes its toll.

Faith takes its toll. Leaving behind everything and believing entirely something you know not to be true, but hope it will. In the sincere desire that, when you hope enough (enough being a completely unknown and very relative term), what it is you hope for would be granted. With the knowledge again, that even if one’s hope were to be granted, chances were highest that the hope granted would not come at the time wanted, but sometime in the unknown future, at precisely the moment, when it is needed. A moment that as far as you know, is completely obscure.

Faith takes its toll.

Pulling you about in anguish and anxiety, as you wait and hope, yet wrenching your heart into despair even as you struggle to keep up a happy countenance. We believe, we hope, we have faith, even though rationality goes against it.
Faith takes its toll.

Sometimes, in an effort at faith, we sometimes doubt. And that doubt, that singular slip of faithlessness robs us of the hope which we have hitherto desired. Other times, though few and in between, despite our doubt, the extent to which we hope and the need for us to be shown the fool, the desires which we hoped for are actually delivered.
Total faith, total submissiveness, total belief in the fulfilment of our desires always goes rewarded. Total belief, total submissiveness, total faith in something that cannot be seen or beheld rationally, is impossible by human standards.
Only through belief in a Supreme power can we truly have that sort of faith. It’s simple, the one true act of faith in this rational world is the belief in the presence of a Power that reigns in the Universe. A power that we cannot see.
But it goes beyond that.

The vegetation, Nature, the forces of life and physics all determine that there must be a source, an origin, a Creator. Agreeing that there is, is simply rational, though at a stretch. However, giving this Creator, this Force, a name, assuming it as a Being, accepting it as a GOD, that part takes Faith. A lot of faith. And those who can do that, are the true believers. Not exactly in the sense of Christianity, but believers in the sense that, they believe in the existence of something which quite naturally does not exist. And then worship that thing.

The power to believe, to have Faith, comes from this source. Rationally it can be assumed that, the belief in this Being, creates in an individual, the ability to ‘believe’ irrationally. And so, from that point on, all sorts of stuff can be assumed and believed by that individual, all sorts of irrational stuff. However, still moving irrationally, it can also be said that the source, bestows power upon the individual, granting them the strength to believe. The faith to believe if you will. And then, what is believed next is that, the Source Being, grants the wishes which are believed, the hopes that have been held in faith.
Here in is the basis of religion.

This entire discourse is dependant simply on irrational logic for a very simple reason; Faith as a verb or noun, as a notion, is irrational. So arguing it based on sound logic is impossible. Simply because it is impossible to discuss the veracity of something, if that thing is assumed not to even exist. The very concept is flawed in essential logic, so the only approach to discussing such a matter, is through the half-finished premises and discordant clauses common with illogic and fallacy. However, when considering Faith from those angles, it is easy to say that such a thing exists.

In the same way as which we would easily agree that Red blood cells constitute a vital composition of the blood, based on what we’ve been told by our teachers over time. Now one could say, these results have been proven scientifically and logically so, basically, they hold water as vital arguments. However, I would ask such a one, if he has actually beheld such, or has based his knowledge on hearsay. If hearsay, then, that is as simple an act of faith as any. Provable faith you may say, but at the same time, spiritual faith may also be proven, but illogically, because it would have to entail an endorsement of spirituality, a concept which as far as we know it, remains flawed, and probably untrue.

The un-edited product of rambling thoughts and a full battery. Errors, illogical premises, etc..all are blamed on this Writer.

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