You’ve most definitely seen her here when she wrote Angst for A Twist in the Tale. Let’s say, from hence you’ll be seeing a lot of her on this blog.

Teleola, please…




We gather our garments by their hems

and race against kin.

We reach for greatness, following Udeme

making stepping stones of fellow skulls

whilst preaching of bonds and love lost.

We pull down and destroy with honey-filled lips

drawing blood with enamel-armed gums.

Eastern swindlers, Western thugs

Northern terrorists, Southern militants.

Each for himself, each with heme-stained hands.

We take incessantly, eating what we have not cooked

and like an ocean never full.

We fill our homes with excrement

and then seek refuge in another’s.

Prisoners to our passions.

Slaves to our sins.

Tied to our troubles.



No, not Tele..
No, not Tele..



Peace. as per usual.. 🙂



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