The Road To Down


Sitting across me, your face creases

My sight may not be one that pleases.

I am subject to some thousand teases

Target for a torment that never ceases.

Wipe from your face that frown

Fellow human I am only down.


My speech slurred and slow

my face spread like dough.

With sheepish grin and stubby chin

never thin, I never win, I never sin

dependent on only kin.

Do not ever, stranger, do not ever

despise the road that leads to down.


My bespectacled eyes are bleary

My protruding tongue renders my words slurry.

I may be sterile, I may become senile

I am puerile though never agile.

Be ever grateful, friend, forever grateful

For long is the road that leads to down


Complexities are mysteries

Simplicities are victories.

I might grow to forget

and never know regret.

I grow at my pace

do not cast your gaze low.

Do not laugh at my face

passerby, you do not know

For calm is the storm found on the lonely lengthy road that leads to down.


Since I was little till now, I see this guy every Sunday in church and whenever I attend weekly programs. I always notice him. He never misses service. I am sure of it. About five months ago, I stalked him for close to six Sundays and even ensured I sat near him on one. I do not even know his name. What I feel for him is not really pity. It’s just…. I don’t know. Maybe compassion. And never you look down on them; their heaven is sure. Only God knows of yours.



•Yes. The guy has Down’s syndrome.

•Yes. I disobeyed the ushers.

•Yes. The stalking was fun.

•Since I am not disclaiming anything, maybe I should have called it a ‘claimer’.

Author: teleola

A melancholic sanguine. Christ's ambassador.

17 thoughts on “The Road To Down”

  1. First time when I read it, I was like ‘yeah, nice,’, then I saw the dis-claimer and I had to go read it again and again.
    It’s quite sad, my best wishes to the man.
    Simplicities are indeed victories.
    Good one Ms.


  2. Read each line trying to decipher where u heading (all to no avail)…till I got to the end…then I had to read allover again and I could totally relate.
    Yes. Nice!


  3. So so so so….

    “Never look down on Down for downward slopes the life of he who denigrates Down Edward” —–Some Pesky Bastard, 2013.

    Down’s Syndrome is quite peculiar, it is. You get more than your fair share of “46 chromosomes”…you’re like “Dad? Mom? Just 46 chromosomes? Come ooon. Just one more. Do this for your child”…and you come out to the world looking creasy and all what Teleola said and you’re like “Holy Shit.”

    -_____- It is not funny. Down’s Syndrome kids are not total castaways, either, thank God for the corpus callosum and learning aids, Down’s syndrome kids can still do well for themselves. But maybe that’s only possible for obodo oyibo Down pikins dem…

    Pro tip: prevent the likelihood of Down’s Syndrome “erupting volcanoically” in your family tree: try to have all your kids as young as possible.

    Still,#ChildNotBride sha.

    Piss Out *now urinating on a nearby wall*


      1. Okay, Scratch ‘humane’, replace with ‘Sane’. While u write a little to the Left, She writes alRIGHT..

        P.S You’re both good Writers, And i should knw.. am a veteran


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