It’s been a while I wrote anything, perhaps after this you might understand.

And yes, I usually don’t write poems, I prefer limericks, hence, I would not follow all the ‘rules’..

That said, read on..


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These dark shards pierce my heart,

splintered ends of unholy swords.

their jagged ends tear me apart,

their bearers, sons of the Satan’s hordes.


Fear, anxiety, apathy and shame,

these demons trouble me in day and night,

tearing at my soul, and shrieking my name,

they add to my onerous plight.


Thing is:


I write my verses, as the tunes of a minstrel,

soothing, then ululating, then sombre.

And one may read them as the cry of the wastrel,

shrill, then captivating, then it’s over.




So these pains cant against my faith,

rendering my soul into the deepest of despair.

And as with such things, it affects my art,

and my relationships fall to disrepair.


Morn and night, my days, a bleak skyline

no cloud, no sun, no azure blue sky.

I wander about, lost in a hopeless daze,

no sound, no fun, no thoughts to fly


It’s getting easier, I think:


It’s always been easy for me,

to write of my deepest pains.

That which worries and I can’t do,

is tell of my greatest sins.


But now, a ray in the darkness:


For even while I sleep, my dreams rage away,

visions of darkness, and red, and fire, and death.

But at the end of it all, there still is hope,

hope for joy, hope for happiness, hope for mirth


And now as I sit to write of this,

my spirit lifts and my fears negate.

My demons all fled, my head is clear,

my heart is free, the storms abate.





Believe me, I tried to make this into a humorous rant.

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Author: Christopher Aneni

Histrionic| Creator| god.

24 thoughts on “Lamentationem”

  1. Lamentationem. Lamentation anthem. Yeah?
    You tried to make this into a humourous rant! Really?! And you went for poetry??
    Welcome back. You abandoned me. 😦 All alone in the cold. 😦 And truly, our relationship is heading for disrepair. Fix it, Janus.


    1. No. Not anthem anything..

      Sorry..I’m back now..or as close as is. And look what I got for you..cardigans!! 😀
      Smile for me Tele..

      And I really did try. Honest. These new Bic biros, idk..mind of their own really..


      1. Keep the cardigans for now. I am genuinely happy and I know you know why. 😀
        Lerrus do this.
        P.S.- Change your pens to Lucky. Those ones make me smile with thier thin tip and all.


  2. Big Bang! What was that? I have no clue, am lost for words. It can only mean one thing, somewhere deep in my thoughts…


  3. I need me some anti-depressant.
    See, your next post should be about some guy who won shitload of money commenting on people’s blogs and went on to ENJOY LIFE.
    That, or something. Whatever!


    1. I apologise. Hehe.

      There shall be rainbows in my next post. And a generous leprechaun. And Obama. And an Iraqi terrorist. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

      No more darkness. There’s light now. NEPA just brou..


  4. I’m just gonna act like I didn’t frequent my dictionary as I read this (bless the Lord for Merriam-Webster) and say, great poem. And, just putting it out there, if you’re truly battling with depression, try Fayrouz :D. One last thing, what is a “Lamentationem”? Merriam-Webster couldn’t help me there.


    1.’s Latin.

      You know.

      We do these things.

      Use Latin to title our posts..

      ..And shit.

      No. I don’t title my shit.

      Who the heck does that??

      Anyway..thanks for reading.

      I’m sorry, it’s more vapid than vain-glorious to vent that my vociferations are verged on vacuous, vacillated Vundie-factions…

      You know where I’m going with this?
      Just a versification.


  5. You get FB page?
    I’m glad it has an happy ending . And the words along the intermissions gives it a lil humour.
    Oh, who am I kidding, I nearly cried my eyes out *sniffs*.


    1. Hady!!!!

      Yes I have a FB page. You should visit. And Like. We give free gifts every summer.

      And tickets for a family of 4 to any city of your choice.

      I’m ranting again.

      Anyway, thanks for commenting. And ehm..yes, there’s a happy ending. Had to. It’s what I’m clinging to.


  6. Great work. Never tried my hands on poetry.
    Your words inspire,
    Burning my heart like wild fire,
    Soon I would write my satire,
    Bcos of u I’ll fail to retire.
    Janus, I need tutorials!!!


    1. This reminds me of *i’ve forgotten d name*
      D stuff kids ride in Amusement Park.
      It takes u so high like ur soul 2 claim,
      Then circles down and then returns back…

      Or going thru a tunnel in a train,
      At first its bright, luminous and clear.
      Then sudden blackness clouds ur brain,
      And all u can see is darkness everywhere.

      not long after u catch a glimpse,
      Of a shimmer, a gleam, a glint of light..
      Then u realise u can feel ur limbs,
      And also figure u didn’t lose ur sight…

      Welcome back Janus,2 u and ur pen,
      Don’t leave us again 2 d fate of oda articles so wack.
      Giv us d diet wich we crave and yearn,
      Readers Stand-up, uR favorite writer is BACK…….


  7. With every verse, I could feel every single emotion.*sigh..
    For someone you claims not to write poems, you’re a pretty good poet..Enough of all these melancholy posts, I need some funny in my life; bring Pastor Jay back?:-)

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I wasn’t gonna sleep on this! Late? Yes! But better than never! This is a well written poem, it went well flow wise, dictions were good (thank God 4 online dictionary(ies) ). The imagery were perfect too: “I write my verses as the tune of a minstrel, soothing then ululating and sombre” and so on, in all I think it isn’t so bad to read depressing poems, so fire on brother


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