The Curse of Memories (Gloss 2)

     People of God, good afternoon. I have been absent for a while now, and for this, I am sorry. I can’t make promises because I will most likely break them but I will say that whenever I am free (which will most likely be weekends), I will try my best to entertain you whichever way I can.

     Today, I am posting a poem. You must be wondering where Gloss 1 is. It is in which is owned by @VegaPunk (formerly @Paetir) and was written by @Blaqnyght who has permitted me to post this on my blog even though he did not send me message to write part 2 for him. My wahala is much. I know. I was just so inspired by Gloss 1 that I did not rest till I wrote Gloss 2. I hope I have not demeaned the original and that it meets even if only half of Blaqnyght’s. I don’t know how to insert links so I am sorry but you all will manually have to go to Redor to look for it.

     Try to read the part 1 too and tell me if it fits/follows. Thanks.

     I talk too much abi? This talkativeness is what put me in trouble some hours ago. I just don’t learn, do I?

Enjoy (hopefully)


The Curse of Memories (Gloss 2)

As a paint brush on a wall

As a train on its tracks

Up and down you travel

along familiar terrain

Trekking the routes over and over

in your downcast mind.

Covering the tracks with more grease

Coating the walls with more gloss.

Why seek to forget?

To erase what has been

and replace with what you wish?

You seek to forget because you are weak.

A child of dust

and feeble as frail.

Remember, but do not fear.

For to fear is to fight

and to fight is to be bound

and to be bound is sure death.

So be calm.

Even when you see the butcher’s knife

even as you feel the surgeon’s clamp.

For at the end, you too will become only a memory

That may get glossier, but will fade eventually into nothingness.

For all is vain, all is naught.

Leave it all, all is dust.

I will just drop this here...
I will just drop this here…

I know I am supposed to write something witty/cool in this space but nothing comes to mind now. I know I will remember after posting. 😦

Author: teleola

A melancholic sanguine. Christ's ambassador.

10 thoughts on “The Curse of Memories (Gloss 2)”

  1. Ah, Tele! Okay what got me was the first couple of lines of this post. I like you…and the poem. Well, i should read again. I’ll find part 1 sha.


  2. It’s not easy to write a parody so I must commend you. But you tried too hard to pattern it after the original poem. I love the last two lines though. “You wish to forget because you are weak.” Very insightful line.


  3. I read this last week, fam. Lemme confess. I couldn’t comment then because I was logged to another WordPress account. And now I am back Terminatorly.

    *pauses for applause* it’s okay. Really. It’s okay.

    This poem inspires laziness in me. Don’t ask how I arrived at the conclusion. Leave it all, all is dust.

    My job is dust *returns to bed*

    On a more serious note, Uchiha, you’re a lucky bastard.

    *logs out, changes IP address*

    On a serious note. Uchiha, you lucky bastard.


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