Raymond’s challenge

So I discovered I had a Youtube account last night. I mean, you have no idea what feeling this gives. I can upload videos and..and..share! I’m so happy. I love the internet. GOD is wonderful.

Anyway, I was err..reading and listening to music, when out of the corner of my eye, I…hell, whatever, this is amateur video time. please enjoy.

NB: The following video was filmed with the utmost seriousness. [I had my glasses on]


  • I actually filed this under the ‘Action’ category


Author: Christopher Aneni

Histrionic| Creator| god.

6 thoughts on “Raymond’s challenge”

  1. Raymond the ant dragging the cockroach leg.
    For 6 mins.

    *singing in Nelly Furtado’s voice whilst looking left, right, center, up & down for who will rescue me from this madness*

    I don’t wanna be left
    left on this blog to run mad
    I am alone in this fight
    Is anybody out there?



    Due to bad internet, I did not complrte watching the video yesterday and when I tried again today, I saw the broom from nowhere and my heart leaped!
    Aswerrugad it leaped!
    And I don’t know who told you that the lifetime of an ant is a day. Idk.


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