The Feathers

A true life story in poetry.

I wrote this poem in my second year in the university. ASUU was on strike too (go figure). Yemisi was in her room packing some clothes to go home and I was watching her. Shayo had left days before. As Yemisi packed her bags, I wrote. This is the only poem I have written within minutes; I started as she opened the bag to put her clothes and when she was done, I put it in her purse. To me, it is the best darn thing I ever wrote and I have kept it jealously since then. I am posting it now because Janus once told me that if I never let go of what I think is my good stuff, I might never write anything better. I wrote a part 2 two years later and will share it if I get a good response to this.

For Yemisi and Shayo.

With love.


I met a bird when I was young.

It spat at me and I spat back

but it flew away.

After three rains, it returned with a flower for me

and we played, ate and slept together.

It brought its friends, twins, the next season.

We became quadruplets and though we did fight over the best worms,

we remained together.

But of the twins, one had a bad squawk

and we never really did get along.

Double seasons later, the bird with the bad squawk left.

We trio moved to the South for greener pasture,

met other birds and it all started to tumble down.

I loved corn, good twin and the spitter, rice.

They flew away most of the time to satisfy their appetites.

Loneliness crept in and I found comfort in other flocks

but I missed them so.

They stayed away longer each time they went

‘cause they did see others that loved rice.

Now, the rains have come twice and will be here soon.

I have seen others like me and another that makes me happy.

The twin and the spitter seldom fly to see me

and  no matter how hard we try, it can never be like it was.

I know one day these flights will stop

but I have two feathers from them each

and will cherish them when the owners are long gone.

Author: teleola

A melancholic sanguine. Christ's ambassador.

19 thoughts on “The Feathers”

  1. I saw sunflowers and little songbirds in my head while I read this over and over again. This is really good. It’s like a sad song with sweet melody. I’m looking forward to the part 2.


  2. Awwww. This is lovely, very well depicted, and comprehensible. “Friends they come and friends they go, nothing really lasts forever.” Lol, lyrics. I like how it climaxed in sadness and then ended on a good note. Good rhythm too. But….*ghen ghen*
    Lol. I still prefer The Plea. Lol. :p Hey you, you with the funny hairdo (and the funny avi) :p…Okay, I’m starting to comment like Tele. x_x…Bye!


    1. See you… Don’t be a talkative like me. The Plea? Well, we have different tastes. The way you comment ehn, shey you will like a critic’s job?
      Thanks for reading. 🙂


  3. Not every time I understand poetry, you see, so whenever I do, I like to caress myself before I leave a comment.

    I know the feeling, Tele. Me, I am so used to being the incongruent one in my circle of friends that it no longer bothers me.

    And I see Janus is now dropping wise sayings 🙂 oshayyy Aristotle

    Sweg. I love you two. Truth.h


  4. This is good stuff. Not really a direct story like you said. It’s latent. Good stuff still.

    Just gotta say tho. You birds are so kinky. Spitting on each other and shii. Sleeping together and.. oh look grains.


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