The Feathers 2

This is a sequel to The Feathers which I posted last week. I thought about it and here I am. Do read the first to follow.

For my Sunshine, ‘Bayo.


The tale of we three

continues two seasons after the last.

Good twin farther than I wish

the spitter, a frequent caress on my skin.

We three weaving our nests

with twigs, grass and toast-coloured leaves.

Good twin bearing colourful petals from her northward pilgrim,

the spitter donning hues obtained by blood.

I, searching to the world’s end

strong twigs and some white hibiscuses.

But things, as always, go wrong

maybe for good or better.

Ever so slowly I forge my path, alone.

Picking the maize I do love and storing for the rains

with Sunshine by my side

making my living worth chirping.

Brightening my days,

assuring me of plentiful harvest

where the land will be filled with long ears

and my beak with fat grains.

Both twin and spitter gradually forgotten

their feathers deep in Mother Earth

replaced by the sun’s colorful rays

on my long black wings.

I am still friends with them though. But…. You know how it is.

Author: teleola

A melancholic sanguine. Christ's ambassador.

14 thoughts on “The Feathers 2”

  1. I read this thing and became sad. To make matters worse, Tele and Uchiha started romping in the hay in the comments section.

    Must. Remain. Single. Na only my feather I wan dey see for ny nest.

    😦 you guys…beautiful conclusion to that piece (which I understood, by the way) that started it all.

    You will never walk alone.


    1. Thought it was Oghenebode. We learn everyday sha.
      Romping okwia?! So that you can be looking….
      You are understanding a good number of poems these days. Time to write? No? Loooool.
      Thanks for reading and prophesying. I pray same for you, Pastor Justin.


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