Replying Chimamanda

I realise this post isn’t exactly going to earn me any fans, but like you know, on this forum I say what I will, especially if it’ll cause trouble. Hehe. Please read this, with as open a mind as you can, and perhaps I might convince – as I hope.

Re: Why can’t he be like everyone else?

Since Chimamanda wrote her article a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been pressured to respond to the issue, both by people close to me, and my conscience also. I am a writer and a Nigerian, and quite easily, Chimamanda Adichie has been a role model, an example of some of what I can aspire to achieve, and after reading her post, you can imagine my sadness and disappointment.
A vast majority of the Nigerian youth idolizes Chimamanda, and rightly so, it is thus doubly agonizing to see her piping them, us, all the way over the cliff and into the sea.
In her article, she explains with a story, whether fictional or not, about a fellow called Sochukwuma and his ‘difference’ and why such a difference is no crime because he was too young to have chosen the lifestyle he was given, and there was no victim involved.

Very recently, in a conversation with a family friend, we examined Chimamanda’s position and he was very caustic. In his opinion, one carried by many others I must add, Chichi was suffering a malaise often endured by African notables who have experienced and become elevated in Western culture and thus, in a desperate bid to maintain that position, forgo their values and a bit of common sense.

Amusingly, according to her story, even at a very young age, she and her friends were able to quickly spot even then that Sochukwuma was “different” and “not like the other boys”. But we know, nothing can be hidden from children, and the truth is in the mouth of babes. Oh, they had no name for it, or they’ll have said ‘Gay’ and maybe Sochukwuma would have been hurt and not played with them again, and gone to another part of Nsukka or changed his ways. After all humans learn, and can un-learn bad habits. But Chimamanda says nothing of what happened to Sochukwuma or his alternate lifestyle after the boys threatened to throw him off a second floor balcony, but that does not concern us. Of course, Chichi would only have us bothered about how much of a crime against humanity it is to label an inhuman action, as a crime.

Fornication, adultery, human vices in all, and sinful things in every holy book, yet not crimes. And do you know why Miss Chimamanda? Because, they are very human vices. Polygamy and Abortion, also crime and non-crime, depending on the society. But since Western culture abhors one and extols the other, perhaps we should reverse and do also, democracy and freedom being nothing but the opinion of the civilised fostered upon the brute.
Tolerance is the African trademark, and in that you are right. Punishment, swift and merciless, for all things against the very nature of man is also our trademark. But this is not a question of what is African or what is not, it’s a matter of what is natural and what is wrong.

Homosexuality, is no benign difference, dear Chimamanda. It’s not the difference between aquamarine and turquoise, it’s the oddity that results in the end of the human race, a pervasion of the sexual relationship and the worst legacy you would leave your children.
The constant argument is that people are born homosexual, and thus it is not their fault they behave how they do. “If it’s so wrong, why were they created like that?” But people are born dyslexic, schizophrenic, manic-depressive and kleptomanic. Is it normal? Do we tolerate these ‘benign’ differences? Do we allow it fly because they are human beings also, or do we try to correct it?
If for some reason, you had recommended that appropriate measures be put in place in the corrective institutions the Nigerian homosexuals seem to be destined for, to ensure they are not merely punished but rehabilitated, I would have applauded you to high heavens and supported that course of action. But no, your very, very civilised mien and perhaps the image of fellow author Binyavanga Wainaina slimming while his green hair goes back to black in a Nigerian institution kept you from that.

Sir Arthur Clarke, anointed by the Queen and affirmed homosexual and atheist said, “One of the greatest tragedies of mankind is that morality has been hijacked by religion.” And he was right.
I am a Nigerian, living in Nigeria, and across the Atlantic and over the Mediterranean, I see societies where the true freedom is being practised; where a man cannot express his distaste at the sight of a cross-dresser without being persecuted as anti-democratic.
If I say I will not kill, or be promiscuous or lie, it is quickly assumed that I am a Christian or Muslim or belonging to some religious order which forbids such, forgetting that these are moral values. Human values. Things I am not supposed to do because they are wrong, by any standard. And thus in a bid to divest himself of religious leanings, so that one may be seen to be truly liberal, secular and freedom-loving, the 21st century civilised fellow becomes amoral.
The same man in the Senate or Parliament, makes laws which would not expose him to criticism by any liberal group, ensuring his re-election and popularity, and legalising inhuman activities in the process; since the forbidding of such activities may be interpreted as religious and thus unworthy of logical backing.
“Kill a baby in the womb! Marry same sex individuals! After all, your only argument against it is that is a bad thing. And we’re not Religious people here. We’re all about common good!”
Aunty Chimamanda, homosexuality is not wrong only because it is sinful and against the tenets of every true religion. It is wrong and unlawful because, it is immoral and un-natural and a very base activity.

I am not a card-carrying, gay-hating communist. LOL. These are simply my opinions on the matter, and open to discourse. Like the man said, it’s wiser to examine for yourself and decide, rather than loping with the gang. 🙂

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GOD bless Nigeria. Peace.

Author: Christopher Aneni

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38 thoughts on “Replying Chimamanda”

  1. I suggest You read a book and educate yourself instead of sitting here on your high horse typing away talking about what is immoral and unnatural. You do know homosexuality has been a part of humans since early times and thousands of species exhibit homosexual tendencies right? Explain to me how immoral and unnatural that is. Homophobia is what is immoral and unnatural.


    1. Jean, doll, can you honestly say that you can sit your siblings or children down and preach homosexuality to them? Anything you can not encourage is a bad thing that ought not to be done. Homosexuality is tolerated by most people because they don’t want to sound judgmental and accepted by those who have an ulterior motive. Homosexuality is abnormal, Jean, swee. Anuses were not made for penises. Wombs were made to carry children, not to rot away. Think about every human being homosexual? We would become extinct because science can only do so much in artificial means.
      You cannot continue to accept unnatural things because ‘other species exhibit homosexual tendencies’. Can other species invent cars? Can other species speak English? Can they go to school? Why must we justify our actions based on their standards? Are we not higher animals? Homo sapiens sapiens? Have you forgotten we are at the top any other species ever?
      Jean, hun, think.
      The only way this won’t make sense to you is if you yourself are homosexual. And this is where I stop typing.


  2. I wouldn’t say homosexuality is wrong or ain’t wrong; the shit is that the world’s evolving and so are it’s natural and moral laws. We bend rules to suit our needs and satisfactions, now that’s the important thing


  3. I wish I could I comment positively on this article, but I wont. The article really reveals ur Homophobic Nature. Mrs. Adichie was right on every count. And why is it that Schizophrenia is yet to be criminalized in any society. The criminalization of Homosexualism is as Barbaric as Racism. And we consider it unnatural only becos d gays r in d minority, If it was the other way round, As a gay man you would also persecute heterosexuals. To think that the lgbt community were not even asking for recognition. But our homophobic leaders couldnnt be indifferent.


      1. u are so on point dejidope! lol…u practically spoke my mind. This whole homosexuality thingy is turning out to be another “tower of babel” episode with humans trying to challenge God and the natural order. Thank God we are not united on this tho…lol


  4. The liberal gang is so appealing among creatives I’m surprised this writer has chosen the other road.

    I believe homosexuality is a depravity, but I’m one of those who opine that Nigeria’s law is a terrible one. It empowers homophobes and I for one think people consumed by hatred pose a larger threat to our society.

    As for Aunty Chimamanda, I’m not disapponted in her stance. I did not expect anything different from her and do not from a lot of Nigeria’s leading lights in writing.

    I’m driven a lot by the convictions of my faith and right now that makes it impossible for me to join Nigeria’s leading camps on this matter: the LGBT supporters and the Homophobes.


    1. Lol you talk about depravity and your “faith” like your faith hasn’t committed atrocities in its name and homophobia isn’t one of them. I bet you don’t read your bible and if you do you haven’t done so wholly. Do so before you come and talk about morality and faith.


      1. Wow. You know so much about ‘my faith’ to know it has committed atrocities, really? Do you even know me at all?

        Do I read my Bible? Yes. Have I read it wholly? I can’t tell. Can I talk about morality and faith? You bet I can. If you are disturbed by the fact that I do so based on believes I hold dear, I can’t help you.

        And while we are at it, this is my faith: “Humanity is flawed in it’s current state because of sin. A man came, said he is God and was killed on a cross. He claims belief that his death vicariously takes care of my flaws would save me from the depravity of this world. I believe him. He says I should love him and love my neighbour, and I try to do just that.”


    1. If you are a Christian and believe in your bible and what it teaches then yes I know your faith and the atrocities that have been committed in its name because I bothered to know and didn’t follow indoctrination like sheep. A man coming to save you from “sin” isn’t the only thing it talks about. It advocates rape, misogyny, genocide, hate crimes, homophobia, etc. are you going to ignore all those other parts of the bible which you base your faith upon and portray your religion as morally just?


  5. I wasn’t disappointed by Adichie’s stance; as a writer, the world expects you to be liberal. Almost all (if not all) American writers, artistes, actors and actresses supported Obama during the last election, Go figure.
    I’m quite conservative in my dressing and when a budding writer and I met this year, he said “If you’re going into the literary world, you can’t be like this, you have to question these things.”
    So I think secular Literature and Art has nothing to do with morality or religion, you have to be universal and open-minded, perhaps to the extent of compromise.
    While I don’t support homosexuality, the law is highly ridiculous, I must say. And “recommending appropriate measures” for rehabilitation is almost impossible. I really don’t expect much from these people.
    Good post.


  6. Do you guys know that there is something called Janus particle? Very useful in drug formulation. Anyways I agree with you. I still love chimamanda, but I don’t agree with her on this.


  7. I’m with you Janus, my thoughts exactly. As far as I’m concerned, homosexuality, promiscuity, stealing etc are all in the same class. What if i tell you I’m kleptomaniac and just can’t help myself, would it make it okay for me to take something that belongs to you without your consent???
    We all have these answers, if we choose to see them as answers.

    In as much as I won’t like to cast stones, i must say, a sin is a sin.
    When i say sin now, i don’t just mean the bible’s definition of sin, i mean what you know deep down to be wrong but keep justifying probably to convince the conscience that wouldn’t let you be.
    What is not right, is not right!

    If writers should be open-minded to the extent of compromise, what then is the essence of writing? Why do we even bother to write at all when we can write today and change our words tomorrow because the wind has blown and tossed us to the other side?
    I believe in writing with passion, from the heart, from where it hurts, not just from the head.
    Though I respect Chimamanda, I choose to stand for the truth! I choose not to write what people want to read but the truth!! Babe is talented no doubt, but talent is cheap mehn.

    @ Jean, I don’t even know Janus in person, but i honestly don’t understand your anger. The guy/girl wrote his/her opinion on his/her blog. HIS OPINION! By all means express your opinion, but remember this is not a battle ground.

    I rest my case.


  8. I’m with you on this Janus . Gay folks like to say they were born like that so its totally natural to be gay, that they’re being persecuted for being “different” and all. well,let me ask a quick question? What would you call someone born with downs syndrome, A retard?, you were born different right? So what do we call your syndrome? Or if I compare y’all with a paedophile y’all will say he is sick right? they were born that way too and so were you right? So how are you better than him?
    It still amuses me how when one lust after a woman he’s seen as a fornicator but if y’all lust after another person of same sex y’all say you are just trying to express yourself so you are now fighting for your rights. I’m a Christian and I say being gay is a perversion of humanity. No matter how you try to paint it there’s nothing natural about it. But the good news is God still loves you no matter the sin you struggle with…so at least struggle don’t give up and quit. I’m not judging or saying being gay is a worse sin, but its sin tho. We were all born in sin and need salvation, so instead of going about seeking to legalise the sin which you are drawn to the most seek God’s mercy to overcome it. Peace!!


  9. I agree with Ife and Dunni.

    I detest homosexual acts. They’re disgusting, and if I walked in on two people performing them, I just might puke. That is not to say I want to kill or imprison gay people.

    Hatred has caused (and will continue to cause) more damage to/in the world than any gay acts ever will.

    I find it both amusing and bemusing at how easily we stand by and applaud a law that legalizes hate and discrimination. It is so intent on punishing/persecuting (yes, that is the word) gay people that it does absolutely nothing to control the ‘spread’ of homosexual behaviour. There are no bans on gay scenes in movies or adverts featuring queer characters or gay novels. Just a bloodlust for the gays. Kill them! Hound them! Imprison them!!

    Shame on you all.

    I would have no problem with a law which seeks to prevent/control homosexual behaviour and exposure, particularly to minors. But this law is so driven by hate and intolerance that it serves no practical purpose in curbing homosexuality. I can see the drafter of the law frothing at the mouth with hate and anger as he drafts it.

    A just law shouldn’t impede on rights. This one impedes on the rights of homosexuals (who are also human beings and citizens) to assembly, to expression, and perhaps most critically, to dissent.

    The law is a bullshit law.

    You do not solve a wrong by creating or exalting another wrong in its place. Homosexuality is bad. Hatred/intolerance, whether to gays or to anyone else, is even worse.


    1. All these other sins you’ve mentioned, when acted upon causes hurt to other people. Who do gays offend by fucking in the confines of their own bedroom? Or because the Act is disgusting? I bet you think lesbians are hot though. Educate yourself on the spectrums of sexuality and you’ll see why homophobia is stupid. Homosexuality isn’t a sin it’s none of your business.


      1. Read your bible and come up with a list of sins (ridiculous ones included like not wearing two different fabrics) God warned you about and see if you can live your life abiding to them all. I bet you can’t. But you feel you are entitled to dictate to people who aren’t hurting Anybody what’s right or wrong. Religious ones are the most hypocritical. I wish you all speedy recovery from this delusion you live in about this world you were born into.


      2. Your point is contradictory. Homosexuals have sex in the privacy of their own rooms, as do rapists and pedophiles and child molesters. This is not about the right to privacy. It really is not your business whether I choose to screw a drugged girl or a man or an orange or a goat. It doesn’t make those actions right or proper.

        That is not the point.

        My point is that, for a variety of reasons, I find homosexual acts (gay and lesbian) disgusting. That does not mean I support calls to burn them at the stake or imprison them. I also cannot abide (most) Arsenal fans on match days. Doesn’t mean I want to see them in prison or dead.

        That is what it boils down to for me. We do not have to agree with their lifestyle, but our diverging views doesn’t give us the right to imprison or lynch them. They are human beings and citizens first and gay people after that.

        That is the problem I have with the law.

        If you still cannot see what I’m trying to say, perhaps you should take a break from your rabid anti-homophobia stance and analyze clearly. You are letting your stance make you hate, and hatred (whether or gays or of homophobic people) has never solved anything in the history of humanity. You’re as bad as the people you’re ranting about, since you both behave the same way, albeit for different reasons.


  10. See. Janus. This is one of your absolutely bestest best posts ever. Your flow and expression are impeccable. I love your use of words. Speaking from a literary point of view, your article trumps Adichie’s a thousand times. This is sheer genius.
    On the meat of the matter I will say, if two people of the same sex have sex, who puts what where? Why perversely mimic nature instead of using your body the way God intended? A round peg for a round hole, no pun intended.


  11. Good work Janus… I’m proud of you!
    Tela! Tela!! Tela!!! I personally cannot seem to understand what your with Christianity is, but I’m assured its not gonna change who Christ is and what He stands for. you write like one so knowledgeable about the Bible and it contents to the point of telling us to read our Bibles and asking us if we have.
    I’m pleased to tell you that I have read my Bible well, and found all your rants above to be untrue and depicting a person who has a preset and antagonistic mind about the Bible.
    I would love to remind/inform you that the Bible is not a storybook or textbook but the Word of God. I would have been pleased if you are seeking to learn, but no you come with a fight.
    No matter how much you choose to criticize what you understand of the Bible it doesn’t change its original meaning or the words described by God.
    Homosexuality lie every other sin, stems from our Adamic nature, and yes man in his fallen state justifies His actions; just like Adam did. Fornication is natural too, and adultery yes and lying too but they are all sins.
    Finally, I would love to say that the West has dictated to us for too long what is normal and what isn’t to us. If they had our cultures and beliefs homosexuality would have long been classified as a psychiatric disorder. Depression is a psychiatric disorder and even treated with antidepressants, so is mania, bipolar disorders, schizophrenia, anxiety, panic, post-traumatic stress disorder, mood disorder, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder. you then tell me that homosexuality isn’t and all the above are.
    You might as well label us homophobic with a phobia disorder and refer us to the psychiatrist.
    Dear sister, don’t be blind with fury or so battle-ready with Christians… take a few breaths so u take in the truth.


  12. There’s enough diction to make me believe you are literate but nothing there points to you possessing an open,informed mind.Hope you are proposing mandatory jail terms for the schizophrenic. Dolphins and many primates exhibit this ‘unnatural’ trait,which begs the question of how ‘unnatural’ it is since these animals show it as a basic instinct,define ‘natural’.Ur Jesus came with a gospel,not condemnation,u cud learn a thing or two from him. Like it or not,the world is changing,while I don’t approve of this change,homophobia isn’t right


    1. I’m recommending psychotherapy and not jail. I’m saying they need help like the others and should be offered help not left they way they saying it natural and that the way God made them.
      If we make efforts to help those in categories of schizophrenia, depression and others, why shouldn’t we make efforts to help the LGBTs.
      They are sick and need doctors (physical- psychiatrists and spiritual- Jesus)


  13. people let’s not get it wrong yes homosexuality might be natural but let’s call a spade a spade man was created for woman… I believe homosexualist can change except they r too dog headed to change cost frankly even if we were born bad it’s our job to make ourselves good… don’t see it coming natural as an excuse Pls u guys should change and pick a spouse of the opposite sex and stop mocking God


  14. I have three words for you Chris…YOU KILLED IT! As a christian, I should be the last person to cast a stone at a homosexual. That doesn’t make the act less disgusting or unnatural.


  15. I perfectly agree wit you. I bodly stand to condem d new madness called gay. its agasint the holy book n totally different ball game from racism. search the bible and see the truth for yourselves. God will some day Judge.


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