The Coming

I come to you

with sweet words

with my heart as a flower in spring

the truth on my teeth

my head full of tales from when I was young

when you were all I thought and ate and saw

when you laughed and I dreamed

when silence meant happiness.

I come to you

my hopes riding on the clouds

that we would fall and we would stand

we would cry and we would laugh

in synchrony, each with the other

standing the test of time

strengthening the ties that bind.

I come to you

my arms outstretched

wanting the embrace that calmed me

wielding an olive branch

a tune in my head

a song on my lips

“Come to the middle

the middle is just fine.

Fine for a truce

a truce that satisfies .

A satisfaction that makes us come

a coming to joy.”




  • I really do have a tune in my head for the last six lines.
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