The Coming

I come to you

with sweet words

with my heart as a flower in spring

the truth on my teeth

my head full of tales from when I was young

when you were all I thought and ate and saw

when you laughed and I dreamed

when silence meant happiness.

I come to you

my hopes riding on the clouds

that we would fall and we would stand

we would cry and we would laugh

in synchrony, each with the other

standing the test of time

strengthening the ties that bind.

I come to you

my arms outstretched

wanting the embrace that calmed me

wielding an olive branch

a tune in my head

a song on my lips

“Come to the middle

the middle is just fine.

Fine for a truce

a truce that satisfies .

A satisfaction that makes us come

a coming to joy.”




  • I really do have a tune in my head for the last six lines.

Author: teleola

A melancholic sanguine. Christ's ambassador.

15 thoughts on “The Coming”

  1. “A satisfaction that makes us come
    A coming to joy.”

    “You get to come.
    She gets to come.
    EVERYBODY gets to come.” – Oprah Winfrey.

    “I came over her so I’m guess I’m an Overcomer” – Deleted Lil Wayne line.

    This poem turned me on. I’ll be in the other room attending to myself.



    1. It is what DOESN’T turn you on that I want to know. Hope you washed your hands. We don’t want a sticky TL. No, we don’t.

      P.S.- I found your comment in spam. Says a lot.


    1. Loooool. Detty-detty Chris. It’s not like that.
      The tune is my head is Enya-esque too.
      Sing it and let me hear. Mayne we’ll hit studio.


  2. The words! Lool, I had a rap rhythm in my head tho’! Very nice..
    I wanna come to The Coming..



  3. Why is the truth on your teeth?

    I didn’t understand the metaphor in isolation and in the context of the preceding and successive line.

    ” my hopes riding on the clouds”

    Poetry is a medium that packs a lot of meaning into a few lines. As such, you have time to read through many times and eliminate cliches such as this one.

    “that we would fall and we would stand

    we would cry and we would laugh

    in synchrony, each with the other.”

    Usually when the word ‘would’ is used in a line and the sentence isnt a question, it suggests uncertainty or a negative outcome. ‘Will’ or ‘could’ would be more appropriate in context.

    Not too shabby work otherwise. 🙂


    1. The truth is on my teeth because there’s no way I can speak without my teeth and if the truth is on it, then it will be spoken.
      Number 2 reason is alliteration.
      The preceeding line

      “with my heart as a flower in the spring”

      depicts honesty. Spring is when flowers are no longer buds but open up. The persona is saying (s)he is coming with all feelings/emotions bared.
      The next line

      “my head full of tales of when I was young”

      doesn’t exactly follow the previous two. But if (s)he will speak only the truth, then it is what is in the head that will be said and nothing else. It’s also a reminiscent line. And we all reminisce on true things that have happened. Still follows the path of truth or no?

      Sometimes, clichés cannot be avoided. Maybe I could have found some other line though.

      “that we would .. … … .. each with the other”
      It is as you have said. (S)he is not privy to the outcome of this coming. Whether the other person will accept this gesture or not.
      Also, ‘will’ sounds forceful. ‘Would’ is gentler, like a polite request, like the opinion/permission of the other person is sought.

      I hope I was able to shed more light.
      Thank you for stopping by. Do come again soon.


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