Hello guys. I have quasipoetry today (I think) and it’s in form of a narrative in two parts. Please share what you think you see in the comments section. Thank you.


Master left at dawn

on the last day of the rains

with a little wave, a few tears and a promise to return.

Bound, voices laughing in my head

my songs and moans echoing to the mountain tops

where I roam free only at starlight.

I have heard tales of the sun

how it burns and destroys all in its path

how it reduces my kind to soul-less shadows.

Isn’t master a god?

Coming and going all these seasons?

Festering wounds and burst blisters,

bloody metal and my putrid stench.

Death must come to all things one way or another.

Awash with blinding light,

murmuring last words in deluded sanctity,

awaiting my screams and sure demise,

birds erupt in songs sweet, breaths are lungful and sweeter.

Where, oh death is now thy sting?

Master never told a lie

surely I will meet my end.

Puzzling and musing on this new mystery,

master returns with the love in his eyes

“Why do you wish to leave me and become a soul-less ghoul?”

My god and master never told a lie.

The cold darkness welcomes me

for in shackles is where I belong.

I am, after all, a monster.



The fire has gone out

smoke rising as from a funeral pyre

smelling of sweat, infatuation and saliva

of lust and unbridled passion

floating into the thick darkness as unholy incense

leaving them groping

he for reason, she for sanity.

Songs by the shore replaced with throaty growls

as she unveils herself

daughter of Eve, ever disloyal

mother of sin, ever unfaithful.

Flee, oh gentleman, heed my voice

head for your light

before she engulfs you in eternal icy blackness

bid her farewell.

Leave her be in her evil form.




P.S. – There’s a monster in all of us. Let they that love you gird you in shackles.


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Author: teleola

A melancholic sanguine. Christ's ambassador.

12 thoughts on “Monster”

  1. I love the second part more, not as complex as the first. Apart from the clarity of its theme (a good man who loves an evil woman (lol), which could be interpreted as the dilemma of the good-turning-bad. I can relate, because at times, I am so tempted to embrace my dark side, but thank goodness reason wins the fight) Your style is great as usual.


    1. The first part is not as complex as it seems. If you go back, you’ll see.
      ‘Good to bad’, true. But what about ‘always been bad but it’s just showing now’?
      Reason wins you your fight. I literally have to run to those who love me and beg them to slap sense into me.
      Thank you for being here Dunni.


  2. Of course it flew over my head. Of course it did!

    *Crumples into a keening mass of throbbing flesh*

    My best line: “murmuring last words in deluded sanctity” – for personal reasons (you see, I have already rehearsed my last words, and they’re going to sound deluded and sanctified :D)

    And – quasipoetry, eh? *winks*


    1. Oh Justin. I really wish you did poems. 😦
      You’ve been seeing too many movies. I’m sure your last lines will sound like an extract from an Igbo film.
      I’m also sure you’ll forget it when that time comes.


  3. “smelling of sweat, infatuation and saliva

    of lust and unbridled passion

    floating into the thick darkness as unholy incense

    leaving them groping”
    I believe poems are to be interpreted as the reader likes.


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