The Tale of Tikva

A songbird woke from its nest
tunes of hope in its tiny chest
It knew not the day had come
which would bring with it a dreaded storm.
Tikva arose, for that was her name
and thought the day, like always, would be the same
but she really didn’t have a say
for in another’s hand she was already prey.
Many chips and bites at this tight rope
would cause a fray soon, was all her hope
A further sink into an abyss
as her watcher calculated amiss.
Finally, she broke her only hold to light
and ran amok into the silent black night
Flap flap, flap flap, she flew way too fast
Flap flap, flap flap, before her watcher’s net be cast.
There are a hundred ways in the black and blue sky
for a little song birdie to die
And Tikva flew with all her might
deeper into the abyss without her sight
towards a power beyond her tiny birdie brain
towards a force from which she could no longer refrain.
The winds grew tired awaiting her return
the fatigue in their arms they could no longer adjourn
And so all hell let loose
putting the last knot in our dear Tikva’s noose.
Down and under she went
spirit, strength and wings all spent
Down and under she went
laying sprawled at her predator’s tent.
Gutted of all pep, perk and song
the songbird lay as a cloth so wrung
How she crawled to her watcher no one knows
for she did suffer many blows
And now healing with all feelings numb
she awaits an absolution that might never come.

2014 was an average year till this December. I made the worst mistake of my life this month and I will live with it for the rest of my life. But it’s fine really. I always bounce right back up. Just give me a few weeks.
My name is Tikva.
My name is Hope.
Adebayo baby, there’s no one else I’d rather be watched by.


“Bad things don’t happen at once. They steal upon us in bits and pieces. In fractions and decimal places. One little bad decision after another.”

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Author: teleola

A melancholic sanguine. Christ's ambassador.

13 thoughts on “The Tale of Tikva”

  1. Tele baby, I saw your tweets of despair about your writer’s block. And I said to myself ” when, she does write something, it will be beautiful”
    I’m so glad, I wasn’t wrong .
    2014 has been a trying year for me too but somehow, my smile shines brighter now.
    Thank you dear hope *hugs*


  2. Brilliant. As always, you slay with your rhythm and rhyme. As always, your words resonate in my heart. I am still trying to recover from a bad decision too. When people push me down, I used to sink myself deeper. But not anymore. Still I rise. LOL. Thanks for the hope!


    1. Still we rise. Bad decisions are awful mehn, I know all abouy it. But Kelly Clarkson sang it, What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. If you see my muscles now ehn… Hulk.
      Thank you for trusting me.


  3. this is good stuff Teleola. you are very goodd writer.

    mistakes are made, learn from it. now you are wiser and better. i hope it gets better for you love.


  4. I like how your review of the year took a poetic form. I was expecting this from someone’s review too but it never happened. I like the piece i like how tikva survived despite the odds. The rhymes made it a Lil bit not so fun (for me) but this isn’t the time to start throwing shovels and digging out dirt, whether there or not. Happy new year to you guys at aljanusi.


    1. Look at you sheathing your sword and not dishing out poetic justice. 🙂
      Happy New year to you too Lekan. I always look forward to and appreciate your feedback every time. Thank you for being here. Have a great year.


    2. They have call Aljanusi and of course, I appear. Happy New year to you too bro.

      And Tikva, I didn’t see the Post script before, and now I have a lump in my throat. Lol. Count on me, one more trampoline, to help Birdie Lizzy back into the air


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