How I nearly got killed because of a sugar mummy in Port Harcourt

Sugar mummies in Port Harcourt are a serious thing. A really serious thing. It has not been one time or twice that I have been propositioned. There is a lurid satisfaction that comes with being the object of sexual attraction of someone 15-20 years older than you. Anyway, this is one of my stories of what happened.

When I first came to Port Harcourt four years ago, I was young, bright-eyed and hungry. I had come from my little town in Benin City and I was determined to make sure I made money in Port Harcourt before I headed back. Very quickly, one of the first things I did was to start a business. I registered a company with the CAC and started searching for clients everywhere I could.

One day while talking business with a potential client who was the owner of a beauty salon in GRA Phase 2, I was called over to a lady who was getting her hair braided. She asked me what I did and then gave me her business card and told me to call her the next day. I was overjoyed. It seemed like all my dreams were about to come true. Not only had I been able to meet a potential client, I was also going to get a second one. I was so happy.

As soon as I got home, I called the lady. She quickly told me to call her later and sent me a text message to meet her the following day at a restaurant in GRA. I was so excited. I spent the whole night writing and rewriting proposals I will present to her. When power went, I ran outside and bought a few litres of petrol to run my generator so I could print out enough proposals for our meeting.

The next morning, I was up early. I packaged all my proposals into neat folders and headed out to the restaurant. I was sitting and waiting a few minutes before the time we were to meet when a silver grey Honda Pilot rolled into the car park. The windows were tinted, the wheels were shiny and sunlight was just glinting off the surface. The door opened and the lady I met came out wearing a pair of sun glasses. My jaw was just hanging open.

I have seen a lot of beautiful girls and women in my life but gawd help me, that day the woman looked absolutely divine. She was wearing a light green gown, cut just above her knee, the fabric clinging to her like a second skin. From her head, framing her light skinned face, the red braids cascaded down her neck and around to rest against the barely exposed cleavage on her chest. I admit at that moment I felt a little stirring in my groin. But I could see the wedding and engagement ring on her finger and I pushed carnal thoughts away from my mind.

She walked into the restaurant and into an enclosed section I did not even know was there. Then she called me to join her. After ordering drinks, I pulled out the proposals thinking we would go down to business. But instead, she kept asking me questions about myself, what I studied in school and some of my favourite things. At that moment, I still did not realize what was going on and I was just talking thinking it was part of the deal. Then she dropped the bomb.

“I like you,” she said. “And I will like us to do a lot of business. Let us meet tomorrow and finalize these details.” Then she gave me the address to a hotel in GRA and told me to meet her there in two days.

Before she left, she gave me ten thousand naira.

I was dumbfounded.

For the next two days, I was in shock. I had begun to figure out what it was she wanted from me, but I was not sure if I could do it. I was thinking of all the possible ramifications. She could give me a lot of money and connections which I sorely needed as a young and hungry boy in Port Harcourt. I also thought about the sin of sleeping with a married woman.

That evening, the manager of the beauty salon called me and said his boss will not be doing the deal with me again. That maybe if I revised the deal and came up with a new proposal it will be considered. I knew at that moment that I was hooked. So I decided to do it.

The next day, I went to the hotel.

In my bag was one of the proposals I had designed for her business, two packets of condoms and a bottle of pills I could take in case I was not able to get it up.

I was waiting in the lobby when she came in. This time around she was dressed in a simple jeans trouser and flowery shirt. At first I was confused, then I realized she was married and could not afford to dress too slutty to a hotel in case someone saw her. As usual, she passed me like she didn’t know me, then a few minutes later my phone rang.

“Come to Room 308,” came the soft voice.

I picked up my bag and made my way to the receptionist’s desk.

“I have an appointment with…”

“Room 308, right?” asked the receptionist before I could finish. “Go in.”

I walked up the stairs in a daze. My conscience kept screaming at me that it was the wrong thing to do but in spite of myself, I started to imagine her naked. Her light-skinned body with the smooth skin and caramel scented perfume. Would she open the door and get into it immediately? Would she let me take a bath first? I had heard that the hotel had a Jacuzzi. Would she be lying naked in the Jacuzzi with a glass of champagne waiting for me to come in, to her?

I had gotten to the third floor. I saw the doors in front of me. 301, 302, 303…

By this time, there was a slight bulge in my trousers. I would probably not be needing the pills after all.

I suddenly heard heavy footsteps on the stairs. It sounded like thieves were running up. My instincts for self preservation kicked in quickly. Room 303 on my right was open, the occupants were probably checking out and it was open for the cleaners to take care of. I dived in without a seconds thought. I had just hid behind the door when I saw three men march up the stairs and head directly down the corridor. One of the men had on a shirt and chinos and a fedora hat on his head. The other two were younger and muscular, wearing t-shirts and jeans. They walked directly to Room 308 and opened the door.

I heard the screams as I was running down the stairs.

I later found out that her husband had been waiting to catch her with one of her sugarboys and if I had been just a few minutes earlier, I would have been caught in her room. And that was how I would have been killed by an angry Port Harcourt man.

I have stayed away from married women since.


  • This is only mildly related to a true life story. Jess in case my Pastor is reading this…LOL
  • No seriously, this is mostly fiction.
  • Stories like this abound in Port Harcourt though

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GOD bless Nigeria



Author: Christopher Aneni

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16 thoughts on “How I nearly got killed because of a sugar mummy in Port Harcourt”

  1. What!!! It would have been hilarious if you were caught. I can already imagine the headline in Linda ikeji’s blog post. Oh shit! Why did they not catch you?? I want to read dt blog post.


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