A Twist in the Tale: Awakening

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He looked around, and had no idea who he was, where he was, and why his mouth tasted of Pepper. As he regained full consciousness, he noticed he was in a laboratory and could count about five men in white lab coats. One of the noticed him and voiced out via a speaker:

“Test subject is awake. I repeat, test subject is awake.”

Still a bit groggy, he tried to understand who this people were, and why he was a test subject. He was still gathering his thoughts when he heard a loud explosion from somewhere near. All of a sudden, red lights were flashing everywhere, and instructions were blasting from a loud PA. “Secure the subject! Secure the subject!

Suddenly there was another explosion just right behind him, and four teens walked in carrying a large black box.

“Hahahaha… He’s stark naked. Cover up, Fe!”

Just then did he become aware that he had been stripped naked by his captors, but couldn’t do anything as his hands were chained. The tallest of the kids, a blonde-haired boy named Steve, spoke next. He pointed at the chains and called to another of the kids, Bruce, who had green paint splattered all over his face. “Smash.”

While Bruce was getting at the chains, the other 2 kids, a boy named Clint and a girl named Fri, quizzed him about his whereabouts.

“Where you been, Fe? We been looking all over town for you! How did they get you?”

As Bruce broke the chains, he fell the floor. Clint helped him up and gave him clothes to put on. Fri was the first to resume questioning him. “Fe! We missed you! What happened?”

Not sure what to say, he decided to gather as much information as possible first. “I’m a little blank at the moment, so I don’t have many answers. Why do you call me Fe? Is my name Fikayo?”

Clint & Bruce burst out laughing. Fri was shocked. “You mean you remember absolutely nothing? Wow!”

He tried again. “Is it because I produced Fimile for Kas?”

This time everybody was laughing.

Steve gathered himself and spoke first. “You don’t remember anything about yourself? Even your addiction to Harvey Spector & Mike Ross?”

He was beginning to feel bad and have a headache. “I don’t! Just help me out here!”

Fri decided to finally help him out. “Hahahahaha! How can you not know who you are? You are …”


The door to the laboratory exploded open, and the lights went off. Steve barked out orders immediately. “Everyone! Take cover! Bruce! Protect Fe!”

Gunshots. Screams.

He didn’t know what to do, and hid behind the the black box the kids had brought in. Bruce was nowhere around him. Then suddenly, the lights came back on. It was a scene of pure carnage. Dead bodies lay strewn everywhere. He felt a weight on his leg, and looked down to see Bruce’s lifeless body covering his leg. As he tried to fight the tears, he looked round and saw the other kids, all dead. As his sadness turned to rage, a man with keys on the lower part of his pants walked in flanked by soldiers.

He heard shuffling in the corner, and saw Steve click a button with his last strength, opening the black box. “Good luck, Fe. It’s all on you.”

As he saw the contents of the box, it all came back to him. He looked at the man with bloodshot eyes, and spoke softly. “You may have tried to erase my memory, but you have failed, because now I know.

“I know why my mouth tasted of Pepper. She’s my girlfriend. I know why I was stark naked. That’s my surname. I know why they called me Fe. It the symbol for Iron. I know why I love Harvey Spector and Mike Ross. I love making Suits. I am Tony Stark, I am Iron Man. You are Loki, and you are dead.”

High Key...Hiki..Haiki..
High Key…Hiki..Haiki..



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